Tomas Söderlund text & research

"It looked very nice,
we were genuinely impressed by your way of writing."
Anna Berggren
Business Development Manager, Perstorp
"You captured the essence of what I was trying to convey very skillfully."
Marie Jonsson
"A very well written piece!
Great flow in the text, and you seem to have deciphered my
sometimes rather vague reasoning."
Dag Duberg
Nordic Sustainability Manager, Tarkett
"Excellent article!"
Pelle Jansson
Marketing Manager, We aRe SpinDye
"This looks awesome,
we give a thumbs up!"
Viktor Börjesson
CEO, ReVibe Energy


For information about my visual art, please refer to my presentation and portfolio at Artportable and my instagram.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in purchasing works.


- Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala, 2019-09-14
- Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala, 2019-11-16

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